Lisa Walker’s Place was founded in 1995 in Medina, Washington.  For over 25 years, we have been the trusted name among parents, private and public schools on the Eastside.  Our classrooms are happy, safe and nurturing learning environments for children two and half through five years of age.  We offer programs that engage children in activities designed for exploratory learning in math, language development and science.  With experienced and dedicated teachers who are well-educated in child development, your child will be nurtured, respected and supported as they grow and develop into competent young people.  Each teacher encourages individuality in their student by giving them a voice.

We are committed to providing our students a strong foundation that inspires a love of learning, as they become confident individuals.  No matter where their next educational journey takes them, our students are prepared.


Enjoy your exploration of our school – for a tour and registration information contact us.