3 Year Old and Early 4’s Program

Frogs Class

4 days per week  8:30 – 12:30

Frogs-(6)-5x6The Frogs program is available to children who will be 3 years old by June 30th prior to the first day of school in September.

We value small class sizes, with careful attention to a balance of gender. Children must be potty trained.

The program will provide a cheerful and enriching preschool environment that emphasizes independence, community and collaborative learning.  We’ll discover the changing colors of autumn, winter and spring.  Our class will harvest wheat and make bread, find out why birds migrate and bears hibernate, and learn about famous artists. Singing, dramatic play and listening to stories are a big part of each teaching unit. Your child will create wonderful art projects by working with a variety of materials. Through repetition, the curriculum is designed to foster self-confidence, as well as the mastery of early learning skills and problem solving techniques. The children will gain confidence in their communication abilities and acquire independent skills. They will learn cooperation through sharing, taking turns and other social interactions. Listening and following simple directions will be incorporated into our daily routine.

Our continual goal is to teach them the love of learning while experiencing an exciting and positive atmosphere at school. We will work at securing trust with each individual child allowing them to fully benefit and enjoy their time in class. Preschool should be fun, educational, safe, and a happy place for each child.

Daily Class Schedule
  • Arrival and Choice Activities
  • Circle Time
  • Creative Art and Cooperative Play
  • Snack and Story
  • Recess
  • Math and Literacy Small Group Centers
  • Sharing
  • Lunch
  • Music and Movement