parkingMandatory Parking Policy

This parking policy is the result of a devoted, collaborative effort by Lisa Walker, the City of Bellevue and other parents to develop a policy that best addresses (1) parents’ convenience and (2) the continued existence of Lisa Walker’s Place at her current location (3) Lisa Walker’s neighborhood streets

It’s mandatory that all parents, nannies, drivers or other caregivers adhere to the parking arrival and dismissal policy.

ARRIVAL: Parents, nannies, drivers or other caregivers must park their vehicle at Meydenbauer Beach Park and walk your child up the staircase to their respective class to drop them off.
There are no exceptions and no option to drop-off children at any other location, including, but not limited to, NE 1st Street. If you are running late for any reason, please park at Meydenbauer and walk your child up the staircase to their class.

Meydenbauer Beach Park is just to the east of Lisa Walker’s Place (off of 98th AVE NE and between NE 1st Street and NE 5th Street). There is a staircase that connects the Park to Lisa Walker’s Place. The staircase ascends to NE 1st where it meet’s Lisa Walker’s Place’s driveway.

PICK-UP: We will walk the children down the staircase each day to Meydenbauer Park to greet you. No pick-up at the school. Please do not park on any residential streets near my home. If you have someone other than yourself picking up your child, please make sure they are informed of our parking procedure for drop-off and pick-up.
We recognize that it is difficult to find a parking policy that meets with everyone’s satisfaction and appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation. Thank you!