Policies & General Information


The preschool vacations and non-school days will correspond with those of the Bellevue School District with a few exceptions. Please refer to the preschool calendar posted in August.

First day of school is: Monday, the second week of September
Last day of school is: The second week of June


In the event that the Bellevue District Schools close or start late, our school will too! The school will notify everyone by email in the event of a change. There will be no make up days for school closures due to weather.
Late Starts:  If Bellevue Schools announce a late start our preschool day will have a delay start time.  Our doors will open at 9:30 for a 9:45 start time for all classes; we will have regular dismissal times.


We will enjoy parties at holiday times and on special occasions. Parents organize and help with each classroom party. Birthdays are a special time for preschoolers. You are welcome to bring in a treat or snack to share on their birthday if you wish.


During the school year we will be completing Christmas and Easter related projects/parties. These projects/parties will not focus on religious background, but rather general holiday activities, i.e. Santa Claus, Easter bunny, etc.


The students enrolled in the Frog and Bear Classes will bring their own lunch with a drink each day. The school will provide daily snacks for Busy Bees, Frogs and Bear classes.
No peanuts, peanut butter or foods containing nuts or peanut butter will be allowed at school.


We will take 5-7 field trips each year depending on our class maturity and makeup. Some field trip possibilities are; the Pumpkin Patch, visit Santa, tour Kelsey Creek Farm, Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Children’s Theatre and Story Book Theater productions at the Kirkland Performance Center. All field trips require parent participation. A list of field trips with fees will be given out by October 1st.
No field trips scheduled for Busy Bees.


Books, toys or whatever your child is enthused about are welcome. This gives your child an opportunity to speak in front of the class and feel important.


We are involved in many painting activities. We use painting aprons, but often an accident cannot be avoided. Please have your child wear clothes that allow them to use the bathroom with undue stress. Play shoes are most appropriate. We want to have fun without too much concern for our clothes.

Illness Policy

It is in the best interest of other children and the teacher that your child NOT attends school with any of the following:
*A fever of 100 degrees F. or higher
*Vomiting within the past 24 hours
*Pink eye
*Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities

Your child must be well a full 24 hours before returning to school.


The school open door policy allows our parents to have free access to their child’s school anytime unannounced during preschool hours. Your extended family members, friends, etc. must be cleared with the teacher first and their visit should be pre-arranged.


Our families have the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom once a month starting in October for about 1 hour for our Bears program and starting in January for our Frogs program. Classroom volunteers will supervise inside classroom play, work at our quiet table and help the children during morning center time. This gives our parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s preschool experience and observe their child’s progress.
No parent volunteers scheduled for Busy Bees except for class parties.


The parents at this school have started an annual “Teachers Wish List”. The purpose of this optional supplies drive is to enhance the classrooms with interesting and fun new items selected by our teaching staff. More information will be given out at our Parents Night.