We are grateful for the encouraging environment Lisa Walker’s Place provides! Our rather shy daughter comes home talking up a storm of what a wonderful day she had and all she has learned. The small class size allows for personal interaction and attention with the kids. We are truly pleased with the program and seeing the positive effect with our daughter. We know we are in the right place!Meredith Groseclose

Our two children have benefited greatly from Lisa Walker’s Place. Each year I am thoroughly impressed with the relationship my child creates with their teacher. The positive environment has enabled my children to become much more independent little students which we know will last a life time!Westin & Alissa Terry

Six short years ago our twin 11-year olds graduated from Lisa Walker’s Place fully prepared to tackle grade school…their older brother just one year prior…and now our second set of twin girls are Busy Bees, picking up where their older siblings left off. This school is more than just a stellar educational establishment with top-notch staff and curriculum. It’s an intimate community, and our extended family. We feel privileged to be a part of Lisa’s brilliant mosaic of early child development and would not send our kids anywhere else. Claire and Jeff Durrell

We love Lisa Walker’s Place. All four girls have had their preschooling there. It is the best of the best! Malia Larson

The youngest three of our five children had the fortunate privilege to attend Lisa Walker’s Place and, while in the trusted care of Lisa and her incredible staff, were well looked after, appreciated and understood both academically and socially. Not only were our three boys fully prepared for the transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten, they emerged possessing a strong moral compass and continually strive to ensure fairness as well as display leadership skills when working with others. We truly feel blessed to have been a part of Lisa Walker’s Place and are grateful to all staff for being such an integral part of our boys’ early emotional and educational development. Cliff & Renee Stocks

When we moved to the Eastside 7 years ago, our oldest was just about ready to begin preschool, and our agent recommended Lisa Walker’s Place – we had no idea how amazing a recommendation it was.  Lisa and her staff taught to each of our kids as individuals; nurturing their strengths, challenging them and providing useful observational feedback to us.  Three very different kids and 6 years at Lisa Walker’s Place, I cannot recommend this preschool enough.  Allison & Roger Frey

My son had the pleasure of attending Lisa Walker’s Place as a Frog and a Bear.  Lisa and her staff do a fantastic job of growing the kids academically and emotionally.  Her program is hands-down the most customizable to each child and their needs.  She strives to teach every child in a way that works best for him/her.  She has numerous resources available in the class and creates unique field trips as another learning tool.  We had a wonderful time at Lisa’s and her prep for Kindergarten is stellar.  I would recommend Lisa’s school to anyone looking for a great learning environment, strong academics and caring teachers who love their job. Erin Jacobsen

Our family is so grateful for Miss Walker and her outstanding staff for providing such a safe and loving environment for our child to learn and to thrive. All of the teachers are personally invested in each child both emotionally and academically. There is no doubt in our minds that the reason our daughter was so confident walking into her kindergarten class was because of her amazing and enriching preschool experience. Kari & Jim Stull